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        Independent Artists: The Age of Empowerment

MISTER | December 4, 2021


Our Publication (ADVERSE TV)  is proud to announce an exclusive new report in conjunction with Amuse – Independent Artists: The Age of Empowerment. The information is based on a global study of independent artists that we conducted earlier this year, with communicator from all of the world’s continents. 

The science invention author William Gibson once said, “The future is already here; it just isn’t evenly spread.” He wasn’t writing about the increase of independent artists, but he could have been. We see the beginning of what may be the biggest standard shift in the music industry from many years, but as with all big changes. We won’t appreciate the true magnitude until further down the road when more pieces have fallen into place. 


UK Rock Band 

A UK rock band did great work in 2001 that known to them would act as the indication for a completely new way of being a recording artist. After breaking with record label EMI, Marillion decided to ask their fans to pre-order an album they hadn’t made yet. Music crowdfunding was born. Marillion had just shown the singer fellowship a new way to be a successful recording artist.

Musicians have more tools, services and options than at any former time in the history of recorded music from about 18 years. A whole industry has developed to enable artists to plot their novel paths through the fast-changing music industry. From discovering a vocalist, through remote mastering, to funding, marketing and distribution, artists now have the tools at their control to create their practical record labels. 

Forget digital service provider (DSP) Basic Truth, and Artist Disintermediation is the Real Threat

Record tickets often worry about streaming services obvious truth them, but they should be more concerned about artists disintermediating themselves. With all services under their control, artists can create their bespoke labels. Record tickets have to define a new role for themselves, one in which independent artists will place ever greater focus on engaging creative and commercial freedom. 

Signing a fabulous record label deal is now just one option among many for artists.

First Culture, Cash Second

 Definition of Independent artists’ success is very much culture first, then cash. Artists are looking for respect and recognition first and foremost. With honor, they can become usable travelling acts with the opportunity to earn loyal fan support.

Labels are not an Essential

Artists view labels very much as one possible means to an end. Less than a third of artists consider it essential to get contracted to a record label, while for independent artists, means those without record labels, the rate grows to a small over a half.

Earnings are the Biggest Barrier

First money, second attitude as most artists should not demand to earn a living from music without something close to perfect interference. About three-quarters of independent artists earn less than $10,000 a year from music, and average incomes are also low even for hired artists.

Artists’ Income Streams Range Widely

Streaming income, along with living performances earnings, make up the majority of artist revenues. Streaming is the primary source of income at 30% for independent artists.

Signing  a Contract is not enough for Independent Artists’ Financial Security

Being signed to a band often does little to ease an artist’s economic stress. Overwhelmingly, both independent and brand artists do not feel that they earn enough from music to not worry about their financial situation. 

The Age of Artist Empowerment Has Arrived

Despite the challenges & difficulties of a music career, most artists now feel they have more control over their music careers than before. According to artists choices, both improving & increasing, nearly two-thirds of artists have a positive outlook about their careers.

                                                                                                                                  KALL ME MISTER PRESS


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