We are many things; what we eat, the friends we keep, what we drink, the air we breathe, the books we read, movies, our political leanings and the music, among many other factors. Our preferences on different matters define us and match our personalities, according to hundreds of studies.

Music has its own identity with, relate to and touches the bottoms of their soul. It could be a class they were first presented to or one that has grown on them over time.

Rock Music

Most people imagine rock lovers as rowdy, aggressive, loud and wild; nothing could be further from the truth. Good rock listeners are cool, shy, reserved. Behind the calm behaviour lies an adventurous, unpredictable and tough spirit. They love the music rush and are constantly looking for new methods to experience life on the edge, away from spying eyes.

Bungee jumping, sky diving and intense sports are their cups of tea, and they are continually pushing and redefining limits. According to rock lovers, normal things are boring, and they infrequently do things the correct way, which also makes them entertaining, naughty, and cheeky.

They are changeable and can make life-changing decisions in the blink of an eye without discussing. Rock listeners are reliable to a crime, vigorously self-reliant, hate asking for assistance and love being in control.
Rhythm and Blues (R ‘n’ B)

R’ n’ B listeners are sensitive and delicate collection in matters of the heart and life in general. While most describe a tough surface, they possess a soft interior and are affected by negative attitudes and thoughts that touch on their lives and problems dear to them. But they never show it openly. They go to intense lengths to protect themselves, and the tough exterior is their defence mechanism.
On the other hand, it is remarkable for them to willfully wrong people and gets along with everybody. Careers are mostly along the lines of relieving human suffering, and if they are not, they regularly volunteer on various kind of causes. 
Reggae Music

The UN recognized reggae as an international artistic treasure in 2017, the popularity of the ‘Reggae music from the little island’ is visible.
Reggae music lovers are well-informed on their history, beliefs, identity and roots. Music is naturally resistant and maintains a safe distance from people who defend their ideas. The reggae community is closely connected, like the familiar birds of a feather. 

Most of the realist’s challenges and issues are solved with a critical mind. They are ‘read between the lines kind of people, and so critical decisions take time. Change is a carefully slow process and only accepted when it is necessary. Most reggae fans are creative, industrious, & hardworking who can flourish under difficult and opposed conditions.

Hip-Hop Music
Reggae & Hip-hop fans have a lot in common. Both genres began to protest against exploitation, poverty and other ills in our society. These types of music became the voice of the oppressed and provided knowledge, which fired resistance. It’s is no wonder that hip-hop lovers are opinionated and boldly speak out whatever is on their minds. They are proud of their musical identity and take their freedom seriously.

Hip-hop listeners are not good with rules and prefer to live according to the way they consider fit. They are naturally protective & they make great mobilizers, activists, organizers, negotiators, & creators. Hip-hop and Reggae lovers have some shared history.

Pop Music

Pop fans direct to be well notified on the latest aims are sharp, and generally, positively view life. Most pop listeners are fashionable, open-minded, love the outdoors and always excited to experiment on almost every perspective of their lives. Pop music also makes them inconvenient at maintaining stable relations, but they can make friends instantly. 
Jazz Music

Jazz listeners are considered the creams of the music organization. They are very particular people, especially on complex details; the amount of calories in their food, the background of whom they date, the make of the car drive, the social standing of whom they hang out with and where- Image is everything to this collection.

People are categorized based on first titles. There are two types of people that exist in the world; the have and the have nots. Most have careers in the top and middle management, are creative, highly organized and have great problem-solving skills. 
Classics, Soul and Old Skool

Classics, in this case, represents the music of the ’50s, 60’s and early 70’s. Soul music belongs to vibes from the mid-70s and ’80s, while Old Skool is the music of the ’90s. If you are unaware of this music, you cannot learn it; because it is well-experienced. 
Folk Music

Folk is referred to as traditional music and sung in local languages Salsa, Arabian, Rhumba, Bhangra, among many others fall under this category.
Folk music listeners are authentic to the teachings passed on over generations by their respective authors. They believe they should know their place and role in society and attach to it.
Folk music possesses a strong sense of identity, nationalism and belonging.
Most have worked in the military and take great pride in their achievement. Its music words are law, and they manage to be very reliable. 
Electronic Music

Electronic music is the craziest in artist circles. This type of music live life in the fast lane like there is no tomorrow; they are hyper, and they prefer the direct approach. Their demand days were 48-hours long to enable them to perform all their plans and to follow up.

Electronic music lovers have no fear; impossible things do not exist in their vocabulary, and they have very little resources of patience. Arising problems, hurdles and challenges are tackled on the spot.

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